Go Big or Go Home

Go Big or Go Home

The New Century Global Centre or otherwise known as the world’s largest building recently opened in Chengdu, China.  This mega-multi-use facility houses over 18.9 million square feet and features such amenities such as offices, hotels, IMAX theatre, skating rink, indoor beach plus numerous others.  This is truly a marvel for the ages and clearly shows the need for cities to continually up the ante on each other. The previous record hold for world’s largest building was the Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 (18.4 million square feet).

To put the massive size of the New Century Global Centre’s 5.5 million square feet into perspective below is a list of sizable buildings by their floor space.

  • The Palazzo, Las Vegas – 6.9 million square feet
  • The Pentagon, Washington D.C. – 6.6 million square feet
  • Mall of America, Minneapolis, MN – 5.4 million square feet
  • Boeing Factory, Everett, WA – 4.3 million square feet
  • Empire State Building, New York, NY – 2.2 million square feet

It’s hard to fathom the size of this building let alone the planning and development of the NCGC but it would be fascinating building to explore.  You could truly vacation here without having to step outside.

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